martedì 9 agosto 2011


Ok, I'm obsessed of this this new Falabella 11-12, right now. Thank you Stella!! :) I really hope that this bag will not become the vip's bag, It's so beautiful also for its 'rare' diffusion.. ( not too rare in the last month ç_ç) This colour is amazing, and the price is a bit too expensive to me, and to many others -.- ( we talk about 950$) but is at the top of my bag wishlist's: it's all made in sofly and marvellous ECO-LEATHER, as Stella love do, and it has double function! You have only to fold it down and thought a game of the chains it becomes a clutch :) ( as you can see at the top) amazing!! If I found a similar chain, I try to make it myself, without the stella badge of course! :) bye girls!


I discovered Wildfox when one day on NastyGal shop I saw a tee with a big fluo pink heart *.* but it was sold out -.-'' ( after time I found a similar, cheaper item at Zara, but there wasn't my size anymore ç_ç ) I think they're collections are a must in fashion 'vintage style' , there's nothing I can't appreciate in their shop online! :O you have to take a look at they're stuff absolutely! maybe 'cause I studied to be a graphic designer during high school, my eyes come hearts when I see their printed hoodies or tank tops! : ) the only thing i'm not agree with, is the composition materials, I love cotton, especially if it's organic, and they use polyesters :/ ( too 'warm' fitting) and rayon, this last one better than the first, in touch! In the next photos u can see a marvellous sewing machine in outfits.. oh I Love sewing machines *_*  bye from Venice! Ale

lunedì 8 agosto 2011

Vintage shorts customized by Coal n terry vintage

AAAnother pair of customized old bottoms, they're so cute! :) These are from Coal n terry vintage, where u can shop them online! I'm only asking myself about the question ' sitting down ' ahahahhahah, but for lucky they're not punkie studs xD  

giovedì 4 agosto 2011

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