martedì 13 settembre 2011

Chanel o KIKO? I have no doubt.

I decided to make a nice post on the topic, not just to those who will read it, but to vent my own frustration about it. I'm sick of seeinggirls flatter glazes that cost 20 euros and will last a day longer than those of Kiko, who in this period, to 2.50 euros. Today I bought the color of wisteria, I prefer to take more with the same amount and not empty my pockets for a glaze that will end then, unlikely or even identical in color to minor brands. Personally I have tried both,including Dior, in particular to test strength, brilliance and quality oftone .. The result is always the same. Chanel sometimes leaves memore dissatisfied with Kiko, just like nail color. As trend-design-objects must surely make a good impression on theirnightstand, but I would never be a victim of consumerism as all the people who insist on spending so much for a glaze, just for the joy of having 'the new Chanel' ...Kiko then turns out that for the less fortunate, and extremely successful .. With eight glazes take 20 euros .. that after two or three days are already beginning to fall off, but I know for sure that they have paid the right, and if I like it so much I can do well to put it every two days. After 3 days, even the colossus of capitalism begins to leak, but no, it's definitely becauseI washed the dishes! ;)

Ho deciso di fare un bel post sul tema, non tanto per chi lo leggerà, ma per sfogare la mia personale frustrazione al riguardo. Non ne posso più di vedere ragazzine adulare smalti che costano 20 euro e durano un giorno in più di quelli di Kiko, che in questo periodo sono a 2,50 euro. Oggi ho comprato il colore glicine, personalmente preferisco prenderne di piu con la stessa cifra e non svuotarmi le tasche per uno smalto che poi finirà, di colore improbabile o addirittura identico a marche minori. Personalmente ho provato entrambi, compreso Dior, in particolare per testarne resistenza, brillantezza e qualità della tonalità.. Il risultato è sempre lo stesso. a volte Chanel mi lascia più insoddisfatta di Kiko, proprio come colore sull'unghia. Come oggetti must- trend-design sicuramente fanno la loro bella figura sul comodino, ma non vorrei mai essere vittima del consumismo come tutte le persone che si ostinano a spendere cosi tanto per uno smalto, soltanto per la gioia di avere 'il nuovo chanel' che Kiko poi sforna per le meno abbienti, e riscuote molto successo.. Con 20 euro prendo otto smalti.. che dopo due tre giorni iniziano già a staccarsi, ma che so con certezza di aver pagato il giusto, e se mi piace così tanto metterlo lo posso fare anche ogni due giorni. Dopo 3 giorni, anche il colosso del capitalismo inizia a perdere, ma no, è sicuramente perchè ho lavato i piatti!! ;)

Let's talk about the fantastic and wonderful Les Jeans, a must-limited edition at the VFNO .. personally? I find them a bit anonymous and EVER seen! Even here, I find more varieties of blue kiko where I can easily handle the beauty shops that in beauty boutiques where i usually find old and angry woman.. Boy Blue and and coco blue are affective found the house, and I bet 90 out of a hundred girls who do not know what it can mean, and who were Boy for Gabrielle. But let's leave this chapter. Coco blue is a color that is also easy by h & m, and that lasts me maybe half a day less, but you can accept!

Parliamo ora dei fantastici e meravigliosi Les Jeans, una imperdibile limited edition in occasione della VFNO.. personalmente?Li trovo un pò anonimi e già visti! Anche qui, trovo più varietà di blu alla kiko dove posso gestirmi senza problemi che non spulciando le beauty boutique con quelle commesse anziane e rigide che se già ne provi uno è tanto!Blue boy e coco blue sono una trovata affettiva della maison, e scommetto che 90 su cento ragazze non sanno che cosa può voler significare e chi fosse Boy per gabrielle. Ma lasciamo perdere questo capitolo. Coco blue è un colore che facilmente si trova anche da h&m, e che mi dura forse mezza giornata in meno, ma si può accettare! 

lunedì 12 settembre 2011

New items from H&M :)

Ok, with 50 euros i got this beatuful bag (it's really amazing in real,) and this high waist cut off shorts!! I'm so proud of them!! ;)

Bag: h&m divided
High waist shorts: h&m shorts :)

martedì 9 agosto 2011


Ok, I'm obsessed of this this new Falabella 11-12, right now. Thank you Stella!! :) I really hope that this bag will not become the vip's bag, It's so beautiful also for its 'rare' diffusion.. ( not too rare in the last month ç_ç) This colour is amazing, and the price is a bit too expensive to me, and to many others -.- ( we talk about 950$) but is at the top of my bag wishlist's: it's all made in sofly and marvellous ECO-LEATHER, as Stella love do, and it has double function! You have only to fold it down and thought a game of the chains it becomes a clutch :) ( as you can see at the top) amazing!! If I found a similar chain, I try to make it myself, without the stella badge of course! :) bye girls!


I discovered Wildfox when one day on NastyGal shop I saw a tee with a big fluo pink heart *.* but it was sold out -.-'' ( after time I found a similar, cheaper item at Zara, but there wasn't my size anymore ç_ç ) I think they're collections are a must in fashion 'vintage style' , there's nothing I can't appreciate in their shop online! :O you have to take a look at they're stuff absolutely! maybe 'cause I studied to be a graphic designer during high school, my eyes come hearts when I see their printed hoodies or tank tops! : ) the only thing i'm not agree with, is the composition materials, I love cotton, especially if it's organic, and they use polyesters :/ ( too 'warm' fitting) and rayon, this last one better than the first, in touch! In the next photos u can see a marvellous sewing machine in outfits.. oh I Love sewing machines *_*  bye from Venice! Ale

lunedì 8 agosto 2011

Vintage shorts customized by Coal n terry vintage

AAAnother pair of customized old bottoms, they're so cute! :) These are from Coal n terry vintage, where u can shop them online! I'm only asking myself about the question ' sitting down ' ahahahhahah, but for lucky they're not punkie studs xD  

giovedì 4 agosto 2011

martedì 22 marzo 2011

H&M boho feather earrings!

Love it!

domenica 20 marzo 2011

H&M boho ring!


Love it!

Ylonka Verheul by Jem Mitchell for Flair March 2011

Big Apple native and inspiration, beautiful photos and perfect style!:I especially like the graphic composition of each page, the notes on the pictures .. makes me really want to travel in the Big Apple: thanks to for inspiration! ;)

venerdì 18 marzo 2011

Cool details and boyish stripes: Dimensione Danza for Elle march 2011

I'm just in love with new Dimensione Danza collection, so comfortable and basic, but with something chic, too. I'm so obsessed with 'naked shoulder' effect, with grey cotton and oversizes shapes! 

lunedì 14 marzo 2011

Jeffrey Campbell at NASTY GAL

Nasty Gal Home Page
Shoes Jeffrey Campbell at
I'm totally in love with these 'boots', they're not totally closed, so perfect for summer's events too!! and this used effect...ahh! they're a must!! :)

venerdì 4 marzo 2011

SPRING SUM 2011 fashion show: EMILIO PUCCI

I think this is one of the best shows this season .. these are some backstage photos, in my opinion better than those taken on the runway because they are more natural .. 

domenica 27 febbraio 2011

SPRING SUM 2011 PARIS Fashion show : BALMAIN

I don't like the usual post published on the winter season,because these are my inspiration today, now, and everyone can find online new shows.. Honestly I really don't feel like coats! : P

mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

Let's have a colour-breakfast : Eric Mallet photos

I really love photography, and this editorial is perfect in colours, and also for breakfast ;) I like contrast colours and lights, so the stylist done a good work! Barbara Palvin is one of my favourites in magazine editorials, she smiles!

martedì 22 febbraio 2011

SPRING SUM 2011 NY Fashion show : ANNA SUI

Ahhhw! Anna Sui is one of my best designers actually...  The collection for this summer is so perfect.. Especially in crochet shorts and nude colors.. dreamcatchers and feathers, oh what a passion to me!

Back to basic : denim and cotton

I really like these photos of back to basic, and I really love denim shirts in this period!! One of the most important thing in a black and white editorial is the simle of the model,to me.. 

domenica 20 febbraio 2011

PE 2011 NY Fashion show : REEM ACRA

When I discovered Reem Acra I exclaimed: This is really to me..
Simple but particular..light sandals in pastels colours... feathers, turquoise and leather!!

sabato 19 febbraio 2011

Inspiration : Born free

Now my passion for fashion editorials are clear, and could'nt escape me this service of Vogue Germany! Freedom, wild style, fringe,leather, feathers, headbands and big caps .. amazing!Here I particularly appreciated the way in which the hair were bud and are collected in a soft braid, ending with a hippie clampinspiration. *.*

giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

Waiting for a summer breakfast

''I have designed for a normal woman, not a star''

The spring sum 2011 collection from Alberta Ferretti, with a diaphanous vibe that was all faded fairy colours, with floral prints sent out in long dresses or small skirts with a mini option in floaty muslins, crochet or Fortuny-style pleating. The outcome was grace itself and a romanticism that never lost sight of reality.''I have designed for a normal woman, not a star'' said the designer, and it shows.

mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

The red cat is here with me

The funny-wrong way to hold a camera

HI!! I'm a graphic designer, and I'm studying fashion design in Venice, from Italy :) I'm in love with photography, graphic and fashion, but I think that better things in life aren't ''things''.. Why I decide to choose this name? Not only for my passion of 'breakfast at tiffany' movie, but also for my red cat named Sunflower. A sort of little and nice bar where having a good breakfast talking about outfits, purchases and travels. This blog talks about things and people that inspire me and my works.. and so on.. ;)

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